We created ISOLATE ZINE to spark inspiration during isolation.

After seeing first-hand how hard the creative industry was hit by COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to inspire and help. With projects being pulled, and freelancers losing work, we set out our brief.

Calling upon photographers from around the world, we were able to create a collection of work that formed a global snapshot of the COVID-19 pandemic, with all proceeds from sales being donated to supporting health workers on the frontline. So far, we have raised over £2500.  

Due to the success of ISOLATE ZINE, we have been able to build a community of like-minded artists, who are not just willing to support one another, but use their work to support wider issues that affect everyone.


So, what’s next?

ISOLATE ZINE will continue to shine a light on global issues, whilst offering creatives platforms to showcase their work.

We want to build and support our community of creatives by giving them the platforms they need to start new converations, tell stories and tackle global issues through their craft.

Want to get involved? 

Email us at hi@isolatezine.co